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FACT: The average science fair project takes over 40 hours of effort to complete.

FACT: The average science student doesn’t start his/her science fair project until the weekend before it is due.

FACT: Parents usually do not know how to help their kids with their projects without breaking the rules of science fair participation.

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image of Super Science Fair Projects Detective Hello, parents. I am Detective Intuit and I am at your service! My job is to help you to guide your child through his/her science fair project and to help you survive this wonderful learning experience.

My Story...As an investigatory scientist, I have had my share of experiences with science fair projects. However, when I first started out I was guilty of being a citizen of the procrasti-nation. Like others from this nation, I waited until the last minute to start my science fair project and as a result, I not only felt overwhelmed and stressed out, but I also stressed out everyone else in my family.

As I grew as a scientist, I realized that science fair projects do not have to be overwhelming or difficult. In fact, these projects are really simple if you know a few simple tricks.

I am here today to share with you these tricks so that your child will be able to take on a science fair project without turning your household upside down.

My ebook, Super Science Fair Projects, contains everything that I have learned about science fair projects over the last four decades. You can access these pearls of wisdom instantly from your computer.

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Why Students Get Stuck When
Working on a Science Fair Project

  • They do not know how to select a topic

  • They do not know how to narrow down a topic for a project

  • Their parents do not know what role they can play in the project

  • They do not know what steps are necessary to complete a project

  • They do not get adequate guidance from their teachers.

How Can Super Science Fair Projects eBook Help You?

This ebook provides the answers to the following questions:
  1. What are the five types of science fair projects? How do you know which one to do?
  2. What is a science log and do you need to keep one? How do you keep one?
  3. What does it mean to conduct project research?
  4. What are the six steps to the scientific method?
  5. What makes a table different from a chart?
  6. How is data organized and graphed?
  7. What is the purpose of an abstract and how do you write one?
  8. What is a display board and what elements does it need to contain?
  9. How do judges score a project? What do judges like? What do judges dislike?
  10. How do you prepare for your science fair project presentation?
    What do you need to wear?
    What do you need to bring with you?
    What steps do you need to take when you first arrive at a science fair?

What Super Science Fair Projects eBook Includes

  • Step-by-step instructions for all six steps of a science fair project

  • 170 questions to guide your progress

  • Terms and their definitions

  • A parent’s guide to coaching and encouraging students

  • Homeschool lesson plan ideas

  • Checklists and other printables

  • Strategies for winning science fair competitions

  • Instructions and rationale for keeping a Science Log

  • Timeline and scheduling suggestions

  • 9-steps for completing a winning display board

  • Tips for producing a winning presentation

  • And other ideas, tips and strategies for putting your best foot forward at a science fair.

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image of professor's testimonails

How Do I Get This eBook?

The best way to make science fair projects manageable and to improve your chances of winning is to start working on them as soon as possible.

Order this ebook now and your child can get a jump on the competition!


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